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Unleash the Power of Your Brain to Live Beyond Limitation 

Feel what is to truly "Embody".

Come home to your body and heal

Awakened Body Mind Denise Skiner Anat Baniel NeuroMovement
Denise Skinner
RN,IBCLC, Anat Baniel NeuroMovement Practitioner, Azul Conscious Movement Apprentice, Energy worker and Coach.

Anat Baniel 

Help reduce habitual tensions in the body, hence reducing pain using principles of Neuroplasticity.
Awaken parts of yourself that you and your brain didn’t know existed.

NeuroMovement One-on-One


Group Classes

Azul Conscious Movement Classes and 1-on-1 Embodiment Coaching
Want more freedom of movement?
Be fluid in your movements and move with ease.


 One-on-One​ Embodiment Coaching
To move in an "Embodied" way, listening deeply to your body, not your head on how you "think" you should move, but how your body WANTS to move. I help you individually with being able to sense the difference and truly "drop in" to your body and move.

Group Classes

Reiki Therapy

Online Energy One-on-One Coaching
This work is based on ancient energetic principles that I have had extensive training  and practice with, which has changed my life. Best short description:
Co-regulation with your nervous system, helping you to FEEL energetic 
blocks.sensations and let the energy move in a safe, grounded container.

Fist Bump with Coach

Coaching for Parents and Special Needs Kids

Let the "impossible become possible”. Through using the principles in Neuroplasticity and Anat Baniels ® "9 Essentials". Through this modality and principles, miracles happen every day even without the 1:1 work. I teach you HOW to interact with your child using the 9 Essentials. As well as how you may view them, which once your energy around this shifts, behaviors markedly improves as well as the way they see themselves.

I provide coaching to BOTH Parents of Kids with Special Needs as well as to a adult or individual with special needs.



The time I have spent with Denise experiencing ABM has been fascinating. She has taught me so much about the intricate as well as the simple movements of the body and how we can come back into alignment. I'm grateful for the work she is offering as she brings balance and wellbeing to both children and adults.

- Maureen Kelly

The work Denise is doing truly intrigued me, as I noted profound differences

in pain levels. I'm very grateful and think many others could benefit from ABM as well.

- Tim Hankins

Thank you for teaching this class.  It's very different from anything else I've done, loved it!  As a physical therapist, I'm aware of the interconnections from one part of the body to another, but your class emphasizes how important it is to move slowly to properly integrate the movements.  I think most of us tend to rush through life without noticing what's happening in our postures and muscles.  Your class changes that!  It was great meeting everyone online during the live sessions - thank you!

- Jean Miles

Two years of chronic, debilitating rotator cuff pain, gone in one month of ABM Neuromovement!  What a gift to athletes, 'mat-letes' (yoga folks like me), or anyone who seeks to unlock the body's unique intelligence and potential to self heal.  Thank you Denise for your intuitve guidance through this amazingly transformative process.

- Vicki Savage




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