"Pregnant Pauses" Class
For expecting mothers to help ease body pain, move with ease. While gentle in movement, this program features targeted specialized techniques that improve your Kegel exercises...easier than pregnancy yoga, more fun than pregnancy Pilates. 3 week commitment of 2 classes/week. Run classes periodically.
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NeuroMovement Classes
Thursday at 6:00 pm Feb. 3rd, 2021 booked through Inspire Studio classes
Location: ONLINE until further notice. email me for details


 Join me as we explore leading edge knowledge of a Neuromovement class . A truly innovative and integrative approach. Help with chronic pain and/or limitations in movement.

Class fee.  Series for 6 weeks (no drops in's for these). Price: $65 for full 6 weeks 1 hour classes.See details about the monthly "Inspire pass" when you click on above button it will forward you to that page.

FREE Baby Clinic's 
Offered 1 x/mo, alternating between Bellingham and Edmonds, WA. 2 Practitioners trained in working with your baby to help reduce feeding issues, colic, and heightened nervous system as well as torticollis, birth injuries or any other trauma from birth using this method.

NEXT Clinic TBA  (currently on hold)
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October 2-3, 2020. (I will run this workshop 3 times over next 9 months).

Oct. 2nd 6:30pm -7:30 pm

Oct. 3rd 10:00 am-12:00 pm


Class: Limited to 5 parent/baby pairs and will be in-person in a large space with padded floor.


Age: 8 months -2 years. I teach the parent to look for opportunities to take advantage of what the child is doing in the moment in the development of milestone's such as crawling or walking. This process is based on the "9 Essentials", learning spontaneously to use the essentials based on what they see. We will be waiting for opportunites to promote new skills and not interrupt the process.

My plan is to also walk the parent through a movement lesson the evening before. We will focus on a skill or movement that their child may be learning, so they can sense, feel and connect with their own body in order to have a greater understanding of what their child may be going through.

The next morning we will meet as a small group and be ready to "play" and "learn"!