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Healthy Baby
Lactation Services

I am committed to having your baby have the best nutrition possible and be a happy, thriving, baby comfortable in his/her body.

My goal for is to have a relaxed & calm mother and baby enjoying their nursing relationship as long as they desire.

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Denise Skinner, RN,IBCLC
Anat Baniel® NeuroMovement®  Practitioner

Hello, My name is Denise Skinner. I am a long time lactation consultant. I have been helping mothers and babies for 30 years in this capacity. I started out working 15+ years doing home visits, then went into the hospital setting working as a LC on the postpartum floor, NICU and clinic setting. After seeing the process for so many years and varied settings I realized I wanted more education understanding why some babies still struggle and have been able to help in new ways to support this process.

I feel blessed to have served so many on this journey. I still know some of the families I have helped as their children are now grown. I love helping empower mothers that they can do this and helping babies get the best nutrition possible. I have 2 now adult boys myself and breastfed them both for 2+ years. I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on such an amazing experience. Having help on this journey is what allowed me and so many others I serve to successfully nourish their babies.
Let me help you.

How I can help

  • Latching and positioning techniques​

  • Breast pain, sore nipples

  • How to know your baby is getting enough

  • Slow or poor weight gain baby

  • Tongue/Lip ties

  • Refusal to feed

  • Falling asleep at the breast

  • Problems pumping breast milk

  • Engorgement

  • Weaning off nipple shield

  • assistance to mothers with special issues such as breast surgery, multiple births or hospitalized infants.

  • Poor milk supply

  • Specialized training in a type of bodywork modality as well as additional training in oral motor feeding issues.


Types of situations where this additional training could be helpful

  • Babies born under less than ideal conditions such as c-section, vacuum, shoulder dystocia, very long pushing stage and stressed babies at birth torticollis etc.

  • Fussy, unsettled babies, poor digestion, poor sleep due to body discomfort, poor suck/coordination, difficulty with both breastfeeding as well as bottle-feeding.

About me
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Prenatal Breastfeeding Consults
In person consultation during your pregnancy. Think of it as a private class to prepare you for breastfeeding. Position practice with a doll, learn how to hand 
express and prepare yourself for when your baby is born.

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Postpartum/After Baby
In person consultations to help with all things related to breastfeeding after you are home with your baby. Full assessment of situation and I help you with a individualized plan to get your breastfeeding off to a good start or help with new or ongoing issues.

Back to work or tele-visits
Help with plan for pumping and nursing while back to work.
Tele-Visits for simple questions that do not need in person consult such as follow up/revise your plan, milk supply questions etc.


Book a Session

with Denise


The time I have spent with Denise experiencing ABM has been fascinating. She has taught me so much about the intricate as well as the simple movements of the body and how we can come back into alignment. I'm grateful for the work she is offering as she brings balance and wellbeing to both children and adults.

- Maureen Kelly

The work Denise is doing truly intrigued me, as I noted profound differences

in pain levels. I'm very grateful and think many others could benefit from ABM as well.

- Tim Hankins

My Unique abilities and education can help you with way more than just breastfeeding.

Have you heard of "Feldenkrais"? Anat Baniel NeuroMovement comes from that work. It is an amazing somatic modality that can help you and your baby re balance and connect you to your body. Reduced pain from childbirth, teach you how to position yourself for comfort in holding or nursing your baby, balance and calm your nervous system and get yourself back to pre pregnancy state much quicker!
For your baby, it can reduce body tension, discomfort and fussiness. It also really helps with feeding ie suck, and oral motor dysfunction. (hence one of the reasons I went back for more education beyond what I could do as a lactation consultant)! It truly is an amazing addition to my skills! Let me help you both relax and enjoy this journey....

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Book a Lactation Consult

with Denise

Happy Baby = Happy Mother

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